Yufugawa Canyon

A beautiful canyon reminding you of the history of the earth

This deep, long canyon located at the upstream of Yufu River is about 12 kilometers long, and 15 to 60 meters deep.

You will notice the sound of water while you go down the stairs from the parking space. You may wonder how deep the water flows in the canyon, but actually the river is further down below than you may expect. You will be overwhelmed by the sight, imagining how many years it has taken the river to erode rocks so deep.

Yufugawa Canyon
Yufugawa Canyon

As you go down the stairs leading to the river, it will get cooler and cooler. This is the best place to visit to avoid the heat of summer, as it is cool here even in mid-summer. When you reach the river at last, you will find a waterfall with white lines. Of course you want to take a picture, but the waterfall is too large to fit into the frame. However, you can get very close to the waterfall. It is one way to enjoy this waterfall.

Unfortunately, the route for descending to the river was damaged by heavy rain in 2017. At present, Saruwatari Entrance in Yufu City and Tsubaki Entrance in Beppu City are both closed, and you cannot go down to the riverside. We will let you know on this website as soon as the route is restored.

Hasama Yufugawa Canyon Tourism Association

Recommended periods

* It is impossible to access the river at present.
  • Daytime
  • Please leave the river before it becomes dark.