Tourist horse-drawn carriage

Have a relaxing time on a horse-drawn carriage

If you are lucky enough, you can find a carriage drawn by a horse outside JR Yufuin Station. A big horse draws a carriage with tourists on, and walks alongside rice fields from the station to a temple and then a shrine. This is a tradition of the city which has lasted for forty years.

Tourist horse-drawn carriage

The course starting from Yufuin Station and visiting Bussan-ji Temple and Unaguhime-jinja Shrine takes about 60 minutes. Being rocked while listening to the sound of hoofs, you will be relaxed in body and soul.

Large trees, a murmuring stream, flowers alongside the stream and stone walls. The carriage moves so slowly that you can observe such familiar scenes you pass by. You will almost forget the passage of time.
* Reservation required. The service may be unavailable depending on the horses’ condition and the weather.

Fee: 1,800 yen per person
Contact: Yufu City Tourist Information Center
Reservation on the day of. You can make reservations at the counter of Yufu City Tourist Information Center and by phone. (In order of acceptance)
Tel: 0977-84-2446

Recommended periods

  • You can enjoy the ride at any time of the day.
  • Please check the operation hours.